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19/03/10: News of Epilepsy Torture in Zimbabwe
The following stories provide vivid details of how the 19 year old son of a Senior
Intelligence Officer in Zimbabwe was tortured by his father due to his epilepsy. The torment lasted for three days and the victim was lucky to survive. The attachments give details of the father's confession, the son's physical & psychological experience and what further action may be taken.

04/03/10: African Prince from Swaziland Attends and Epilepsy Congress
The 2nd East Mediterranean Congress in Dubai was honoured to welcome His Royal Highness Prince Bandzile of the Kingdom of Swaziland as a delegate and Patron of the Swaziland Epilepsy Association. See the attachment for the full text of his address.

12/06/09: Gambian Epilepsy Association Headquarters Vandalised
The Gambia Epilepsy Association found in June 2009 that their offices had been looted with all cabinets and furniture turned upside, documents scattered everywhere and the computer destroyed. They are now in temporary accommodation and desperately looking for safer and more secure offices which they can afford. If anyone can help please contact Philip Chiga of the Gambia Epilepsy Association at or Tanya Spensley of Epilepsy Footprint at

13/04/09: First African Epilepsy Conference in Zambia
An Epilepsy and Stigma Conference, held in Lusaka in April 2009, was an initiative of the Epilepsy Association of Zambia was the first of it's kind in Africa. Many speakers attended from various countries and it is hoped that this will now be a regular bi-annual event in Africa.